Glassbar Island Information

Important Announcements:

  • Access to the State Parks Glassbar property (in green on the map below) is 'river access only'.

  • All the Lane County property (in blue on the map below) is now closed to public access. Be aware that Lane County Waste Management has the authority to give out citations to people who trespass on their property.

April 01, 2013: KVAL News: "Nudists hold rummage sale to fight 'No Trespass' rule on public land."

March 23, 2013: Register-Guard article: "River restoration proposed -- The Army Corps of Engineers’ $45 million plan would create backwater habitat along the Willamette River"

(Quote): U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., said the likelihood of the corps getting the money is slender, given the federal government’s financial problems and the corps’ huge backlog of more pressing work.

“The Corps of Engineers is as broke or more broke than the rest of the government,” he said.

The agency has a backlog of $60 billion nationwide of dam and spillway repairs, bridge and jetty refurbishment and port dredging, he said.

A number of spillways on corps dams in the Willamette Valley don’t work properly and need to be fixed, he noted. Short of money, the corps is only able to make those fixes piecemeal, he said.

Restoring fish habitat is important, DeFazio added, but fixing spillways so dams can hold their maximum capacities safely is more important. (End of quote.)

March 22, 2013: KVAL News "County picks conservation plan over nudist legacy for land."

March 21, 2013: Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah has been working with Lane County, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Willamalane Parks & Recreation District to define the following long-term goals for the important and dynamic natural area at the confluence of the Coast & Middle Forks of Willamette River
March 20, 2013:

March 19, 2013: Lane Conty Board of Commissioners Meeting:

  • Lane County WebCasts page.
    • Click on the 3/19/2013 1:30 PM link on the WebCast page to view the afternoon Work Session video.
    • Click on the 3/19/2013 9:15 AM link on the WebCast page to view the morning Public Comments video.
      • Note, if you are using a PC based computer, the link to the videos , "Play Video", will be in the upper right side of a page that opens up when you click on any of the Lane County WebCasts page items. Mac (Apple) based computers, iPhones, etc. will access the videos directly from the linked morning and afternoon items on the WebCasts page.

  • Lane County Board of Commissioners afternoon work session: Presentation given by a representative of the concerned public (i. e. Glassbar Island Volunteers and other concerned citizens) that wants the County to reopen the access to the Glassbar property which crosses over County property. The presentation begins at 1:29:51 into the video's timeline.
  • Lane County Board of Commissioners morning Public Comments session: Concerned public (i. e. Glassbar Island Volunteers and other concerned citizens) voiced their concern about this issue.

March 7, 2013: KVAL News video report: Access To Glassbar Island. (Note: There is a short commercial before the Glassbar report begins)
Feb. 21, 2013: The latest article in the Eugene Weekly: "Fighting For Island Access".
Feb. 24, 2013: A 2009 video tour of Glassbar Island reissued on 02-24-2013 as a YouTube video, 19 minutes long.
Feb. 11, 2013: Lane County's Waste Management organization which oversees the county property adjacent to the State owned Glassbar property has closed their county property to all public access.

County property closed to public access includes:
• the 'old Bring empty parking lot behind the yellow gate next to the road
• the gravel road leading to the ponds
• all the ponds and land around the ponds

County closure map

Front gate