2010 Volunteer Activities
In February, Glassbar Island Volunteers partnered with Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah and Oregon State Parks to remove blackberries and English ivy, both exotic weeds that choke out native plants and trees. Girdling ivy on tree trunks suppresses ivy berry production and the spread of this weed. Mowing blackberries allows native wildflowers and shrubs to recover and thrive. Click here to view slide show images of their work and achievements.
Jan Feb work area

Feb. 21, turtles are beginning to use the tree debris placed in the pond - see image #3 in the slide show.

Feb. 15, blackberry vine removal is taking place in the orange outlined areas on the state owned property.

The areas outlined in green are where the ivy removal from trees is taking place.

The areas outlined in red are where the blackberry vines are being removed.

Some dead tree debris has been placed along the edges of the pond (and extended into the pond) to enhance the natural habitat used by fish and Western Pond turtles who inhabit the ponds in the area.

On March 8, 2010, Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah volunteers known as the "Monday Morning Regulars" and FBP staff spent a chilly morning planting native species by the picnic tables. Glassbar Island Volunteer David Rosenblatt (holding the SOLV trash bag) joined the effort. Shrubs and wildflowers were planted in around the cottonwood tree next to the picnic tables after FBP volunteers worked to clear the ivy and blackberry. Since then, FBP staff and volunteers have continued to expand and maintain the site.


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